Rapport i.s.m. derden - D2.3

Full implementation of SWS pilot test site in karstic aquifer in Schinias


“Marathon plain is a coastal area, thus a potentially productive and economically dominant area of the Attica region. However, the increased water demand, along with the impact of climate change, put pressure on their freshwater resources and ecosystems. Therefore, there is a seasonal water shortage of the over-exploited coastal aquifer, as well as saline intrusion, water, soil and wetland degradation, resulting in adverse effects on activities connected with agriculture and tourism as well as on the ecological processes of the ecosystems.
To address a typical Mediterranean problem, a set of innovative, practical concepts have been developed for protection, enlargement and utilization of freshwater resources in coastal areas. These subsurface water solutions (SWS) combine innovations in water well design and configuration, allowing for advanced groundwater management, and maximum control over freshwater resources. Schinias pilot aims to test these SWS configurations coupled with novel pollution remediation techniques, including Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Advanced Oxidation Methods (AOP) to make use of water from karstic coastal aquifers and address saltwater intrusion.”

(Citaat: Makropoulos, C., Monokrousou, K., Kallioras, A., Iossifidis, D., Dimitriadis, K., van den Berg, G.A. – Full implementation of SWS pilot test site in karstic aquifer in Schinias – SubSol – D2.3 (2017))

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