Rapport i.s.m. derden - D4.2

Optimized finescreen operation


“This report is a summary of the results and conclusions of the first 2.5 months of the Screencap research, from period October 13th to December 31th 2016. A few times some observations after this period are already mentioned. The Screencap monitoring research will be executed for one year, and will continue until November 2017. So the results and conclusions in this report are preliminary and can change during the continuation of the monitoring research.
Realisation of the project and start-up of the Screencap research: The realisation of the fine screen installation started at January 2016 at the waste water treatment plant (wwtp) Aarle-Rixtel.
In September/October 2016 the equipment and the control system were tested, after which at October 13th 2016 the official start-up of the fine screen installation took place. Since October 13th 2016 the fine screen is continuously in operation at waste water treatment lane 1, and the Screencap monitoring research was started. The Screencap monitoring research focusses both on the performance of the fine
screens and on the impact of the fine screens on the wwtp process.
In advance of the Screencap monitoring research, zero-measurements were executed, which are reported in the report “zero-measurement” (D4.1).”

(Citaat: Kras, R., Roest, K. – Screencap Optimized finescreen operation – Screencap – D4.2 2017)

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