A model predictive framework of Ground Source Heat Pump coupled with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System in heating and cooling equipment of a building


“This paper presents a complete model of a building heating and cooling equipment and a ground source heat pump (GSHP) coupled with an aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) system. This model contains detailedmathematical representations of building thermal dynamics, ATES system dynamics, heat exchanger (HE), and GSHP together with heating and cooling circulated water pipelines. In particular, we derive a static (steadystate)model for a countercurrent HE and an electrical GSHP as a function of water flow rates and input/output water temperatures in both sides of HE and GSHP to determine the amount of heat transfer from ATES to HE then HE to GSHP, and vice versa. We then develop a model predictive control framework to keep track of the desired building zone temperature, while meeting operational constraints. In such a framework, a finite-horizon mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem is solved at each sampling time. A simulation study illustratesthe functioning of our proposed predictive model.”

(Citaat: Rostampour, S.V., Bloemendal, J.M., Keviczky, T. – Combined Building and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Model, 12th Heat Pump Conference, Rotterdam, May 2017, ISBN: 978-90-9030412-0)

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