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DESSIN Final Magazine


“After four years of intense and exciting work,DESSIN has delivered the full portfolio of results it promised at project start.The whole package of DESSIN solutions aims to demonstrate that using the concept of ecosystem services can actually enable innovation in the water sector, in particular for new solutions, to tackle challenges of water quality and water scarcity. Hence, the key result of DESSIN is an Ecosystem Services Valuation toolkit. This is a structured approach to measuring changes in ecosystem services (ESS),which may result from the implementation of amanagement or technology measure in a given water-related environment. It enables the user to assess a broad range of benefits and co-benefits resulting from the implementation of a specificmeasure or technology, linking biophysical, economic and sustainability assessments, sequentially. It follows an established adaptive management cycle (Drivers-Pressures-State-Impact-Response ? DPSIR), which helps to disentangle the biophysical and social aspectsof the systemunder study.”

(Citaat: Paalman, M.A.A., Zuurbier, K.G., van den Berg, G.A., van der Wolf, B., Brouwer, S. – DESSIN Final Magazine (2017)4)

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