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Governance capacity analysis to address water challenges


“How to address our water, waste and climate challenges? Climate change and urban growth are making this question increasingly important. Despite the numerous solutions available, many cities and organisations have yet to find a good answer to the question. The application of the available technologies and knowledge is inhibited by a variety of barriers. The governance capacity to collaborate effectively and overcome these barriers is essential. This is why most water challenges are primarily water governance challenges. KWR’s new Governance Capacity Analysis tool identifies the barriers and provides cities and organisations with the solution pathways to address existing challenges as effectively and economically as possible.”

(Citaat: Koop, S.H.A., Koetsier, L., van Doornhof, A., van Leeuwen, C.J., Brouwer, S., Dieperink, C., Driessen, P.J. – Governance capacity analysis to address water challenges – WaterSolutions (2017)3, p.13)

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