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Urban Water Atlas for Europe


How do we manage water in cities? Where does our drinking water come from? Where does our waste water go? How much water do we consume? Is our life-style affecting our water? This first overview of Urban Water Management in Europe explains and illustrates water in an unprecedented way, reflecting how water flows through the arteries of our cities. Informative texts, stunning photographs and fascinating artwork allows us to address and answer these and other questions. Leading experts in water sciences and technologies, together with climate change researchers have teamed up with artists and children in order to show how thirsty our cities really are and how we can cope with their growing demand for the most precious resource of our planet. The Urban Water Atlas for Europe sets the benchmark for 40 European cities, thus helping them to face one of the greatest global challenges with local solutions providing water for all. The Urban Water Atlas for Europe is more than just a normal atlas. It presents water as our unique source of life and as a meeting point between cities. By introducing the emotional aspects of water – as seen through the eyes of children and artists – the Urban Water Atlas for Europe builds bridges between those who constitute Europe; its citizens.

(The citation for this document is: Gawlik, B.M., Easton, P., Koop, S., Van Leeuwen, K., Elelman, R., (eds.), 2017, Urban Water Atlas for Europe.
European Commission, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. 160 pp.)
© European Union, 2017

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