Rapport i.s.m. derden - D4.3-D4.5

Testing protocol for safe water solutions


“This report discusses the water quality testing of the Water4India solutions that will be pilot tested. Based on existing protocols for testing water treatment technologies a systematic approach was developed for testing solutions in the Water4India project. This approach was applied to the two planned pilot plant tests and resulted in sampling plans. In addition the methods for testing existing commercial home treatment systems are described. The report forms the basis for water quality monitoring in work package 7 Technological deployment and validation of the selected solutions in India of the Water4India project.”

(Citaat: Smeets, P.W.H.H., Maor, A.Z., Shiva, Y., Aumeier, B., Wolf, A. – W4In Testing protocol for safe water solutions – D4.3-D4.5 (2017))

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