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City Blueprint Approach: key opportunities for India's urban water challenges


“The City Blueprint Approach (Koop and Van Leeuwen 2017) has been developed by KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands. In the light of the India-EU Water Partnership, experiences and knowledge from the EIP Water, and the City Blueprint action group in particular, is assisting in fulfi lling this purpose for India. The Blueprint provides an integrated overview of water management in cities. The easy to understand, timely and relevant, and useful method has been applied in 57 municipalities and regions in 30 different countries, mainly in Europe. Ahmedabad is the fi rst Indian city to have been assessed for the purpose. Based on the promising results of the study, KWR Water cycle Research Institute, Utrecht University, CEE, and Wetskills Foundation strive to assess several Indian cities according to the City Blueprint Approach in the coming years.”

(Citaat: Koop, S.H.A., Aartsen, M., Goswami, B., Oost, J., Schmidt, G., Leeuwen, C.J. van – City Blueprint Approach: key opportunities for India’s urban water challenges – Water Digest (2017), p.66-73)

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