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Understanding Anticipatory Water Governance


“Anticipatory Water Governance is a new concept that could be useful to water organisations in their efforts to develop resilient water services. To demonstrate the efficacy of this concept, we begin with a short review of the historical ‘command and control’ approach to water governance and compare it to new ideals. Next we briefly introduce the theories surrounding anticipatory governance and then show how these concepts were applied in practice to design a process model. Finally, we explain that this process model has proven to be a valuable tool for structuring discussions, assessing the baseline conditions, and identifying areas for improvement regarding the capacity of water organisations to anticipate and adapt.”

(Citaat: Segrave, A.J., Brouwer, S., Frijns, J.A.G. – Understanding Anticipatory Water Governance –, Business & Innovation, Governance (2016)10 October)

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