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Effects of water management on crop yield


“A new instrument for the quantification of agricultural crop yield reduction due to too wet, too dry or too salty conditions: what kind of instrument should that be? And could such an instrument be usable for the calculation of effects of climate scenarios? WaterVision Agriculture should be the answer to these questions.
Plant growth is determined by the availability of solar radiation, CO2, water, oxygen, salt and soil nutrients. To achieve maximal growth plants always try to take sufficient water and oxygen from the soil. When the availability of water (too dry) or oxygen (too wet) in the root zone is insufficient, plants will undergo either drought or oxygen stress. When the salt concentration in soil water is too high, the water uptake will decrease.”

(Citaat: Broeke, M. Hack-ten, Bartholomeus, R.P., et al. – Effects of water management on crop yield – H2O-Online Watermatters (2015)2)

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