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Microplastics in fresh water resources


“Microplastic residues in fresh water resources has become a topic of interest attracting the attention of the public and authorities. Microplastic pollution has been an issue for a number of years in the marine research field1. However, investigations on the occurrence in fresh water systems including drinking waters and wastewater treatment is still in an early stage and research, mainly in Europe, has only just commenced. There is currently very little knowledge
and expertise on microplastic residues in drinking water and its potential impact. The media has circulated misinformation on the suspected occurrence of microplastic in drinking water which has spread fear and uncertainty amongst the public. This brief compiles the current state of knowledge on the subject of microplastics as currently known by the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) members. It includes recent information and grey literature, thus updating
and going beyond the information presented in the year 2013 in the STOWA report2”

(Citaat: Storck, F.R., Kools, S.A.E., Rinck-Pfeiffer, S. – Microplastics in fresh water resources – GWRC Science Brief (2015))

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