KWR rapport - KWR 2014.075

Manual SIMDEUM Pattern Generator - Tool for water demand and discharge patterns for residential and non-residential buildings


Understanding the expected water demand is essential for many elements in the water cycle: for the design of distribution networks to supply enough water at a desired pressure to the customers, for the allocation of water demand in hydraulic models to study the water quantity and quality during distribution, for design of installation in houses and non- residential buildings, for design of stage tanks in grey water recycling and rain water harvesting systems, for the analysis of discharge characteristics, etc.
The SIMDEUM Pattern Generator is developed within the Joint Research Programme of the Dutch Water companies and is now also available as Water-Use Info, a tool within Watershare®. This generator is based on SIMDEUM®, an end-use model to simulate residential and non-residential cold and hot water demand patterns. The generator simulates residential demand patterns and generates demand patterns for various non- residential buildings, that can be used in various applications.

This manual describes how to work with the SIMDEUM Pattern Generator, to obtain the demand patterns you need for your area and application. The manual is divided into three parts:
PART I: How to get started with SIMDEUM Pattern Generator.
PART II: SIMDEUM Pattern Generator for residential buildings.
PART III: SIMDEUM Pattern Generator for non- residential buildings.

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