BTO rapport - BTO 2014.023

Future of Sensoring at KWR


Within KWR renewed effort into sensoring is under consideration to keep up with a dynamic water sector and technological developments in e.g. nanotechnology and ICT. Work into sensoring needs to be programmed in an integrated, multidisciplinary fashion to serve the sector most effectively. This document outlines the background of sensor-related research, at KWR and the sector, and analyzes barriers for the (widespread) implementation of sensors in the water sector. Next, it outlines activities that KWR can potentially employ to overcome identified barriers. Furthermore, it analyses the context of KWR and the Dutch water sector regarding the subject of sensoring and describes the positioning of the work within the Dutch water sector and KWR as an organization. Finally, the documents outlines a vision for the future work on the sensoring subject at KWR, the implementation thereof in the organization and a number of key aspects that will be emphasized in the definition of new projects in the future. As supplementary information, an extensive list of potential project ideas is compiled in the appendix of this document.

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