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Quantitative non-destructive evaluation of push-fit joints


“Ultrasound, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Panoramo® are capable of inspecting drinking water pipes and joints of any pipe material. The three tools were tested for their accuracy and reproducibility for gap width sizing in double-socket push-fit joints. The tests were performed at laboratory scale (PVC pipes and joints) in the field (asbestos cement pipes and joints) and in three full-scale tests (PVC) inside pipes used to supply drinking water. In the laboratory tests both accuracy and reproducibility were evaluated. In the field and full-scale tests only reproducibility of the tools was tested. CCTV proved to be the most accurate and reproducible for the application. This straightforward approach is considered to be a surrogate measure for joint’s condition.”
(Citaat: Arsénio, A.M., Vreeburg, J.H.G., Rietveld, L. – Quantitative non-destructive evaluation of push-fit joints – Urban Water Journal 11(2014)8, p.657-667)

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