Mededeling - Mededeling 074

Side effects of Chlorination (Engels)


After investigators in the Netherlands and else-where in 1974 demonstrated that trihalomethanes (THM) can be formed during the chlorination of wa¬ter, the Netherlands Water Works and KIWA performed many investigations in this area. A first inventory of available knowledge was made in 1978 by the KIWA ad hoc study group on “Chlorine”. This inventory led to more detailed investigations, coordinated by the Committee on Side Effects of Chlorination. This report, prepared by the Committee, intends to pro¬vide a survey of the results obtained since 1978.
In most cases, the presentation of results obtained by the Netherlands Water Works and KIWA is taken as sufficient. When necessary, information is taken from the foreign literature. This pertains princi¬pally to the toxicologic aspects of disinfectants and the use of alternative disinfectants.

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