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Natural organic matter: Effect on contaminant destruction by UV/H2O2


“Ultraviolet (UV) light with hydrogen peroxide degrades a wide array of organic micropollutants. However, natural organic matter (NOM) interferes with contaminant destruction. Seven emerging contaminants were evaluated by UV pilot-scale and collimated beam experiments. UV absorbance scans demonstrated changes in NOM due to radical attack. Waters with different types and amounts of NOM were examined. As NOM increased, electrical energy per order (EE/O) requirements for destruction increased. EE/O increased similarly for the contaminants. Methyl-tert-butyl-ether destruction and EE/O values correlated well with specific UV absorption for all experiments. Both type and amount of NOM should be considered in the design of UV/hydrogen peroxide facilities.”

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(Citaat: Metz, D.H., Meyer, M. et al., – Natural Organic Matter: Effect on Contaminant Destruction by UV/H2O2 – Journal AWWA 104(2012)12, p.E622-E636)

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