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Asset management of valves


“Valves are an important component of drinking water distribution systems, allowing water companies
to isolate pipes for maintenance or in response to incidents, amongst others. lf work I undertaken in a section and
a valve does not function properly, customers in an adjacent section can also be affected.
Malfunctioning valves can thus influence the availability of the whole water distribution system.
Valve maintenance increases the valve reliability. Here, Mirjam Blokker, Ilse Pieterse-Quirijns, Eddy Postmus, Vera Meira Marmelo and Luis Lourenco Mendes discuss the software tool CAVLAR, that helps water companies to analyse complex networks and develop a targeted maintenance programme for valves.”

(Citaat: Blokker, E.J.M., Pieterse-Quirijns, I., et al. – Asset management of valves – Water Asset Management International 7 (2011)4, p.12-15)

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