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Improvement of self-sufficient irrigation water supply


“High-quality freshwater supply for irrigation is an essential factor for the agri- and horticulture in the Southwestern Netherlands. Extensive use of rainwater storage using artificial reservoirs cannot provide sufficient volumes of irrigation water during periods of drought. Availability of qualitative freshwater
in the shallow aquifers is at the same time limited due to salinization, requiring use of surface water or reverse osmosis on brackish water (producing
brine water) for irrigation water production. Use of the shallow brackish aquifers for storage of rainwater excess and additionally pretreated surface and wastewater is regarded as a solution for self sufficient irrigation water supply.”

(Citaat: Zuurbier, K.G. – Improvement of self-sufficient irrigation water supply – Knowledge for Climate: Newsletter Climate-proof Fresh Water Supply, Issue September 2010, p. 1-2)

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