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Rejection of trace organic pollutants with high pressure membranes (NF/RO)


“This article presents a modeling approach for the rejection of trace organic pollutants in high-pressure membranes. The rejection values of uncharged organic solutes with a wide range of solute size and hydrophobicity are determined. Sigmoidal rejection curves are constructed and modeled for solutes of different hydrophobicity. The model is based on a log-normal pore size distribution model. A model is also presented to model the rejection of charged organic solutes, based on the rejection of uncharged solutes and the concept of a “charge concentration polarization.” Moreover, scale-up issues arising when translating results from bench-scale units to full-scale plants are addressed, by assessing the viability of a full-scale rejection model. The full-scale model is based on a convection-diffusion model for the transport of organic solutes through the high-pressure membranes and the use of mass balances in the system.”

© 2008 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2008

(Citaat: Verliefde, A.R.D., Heijman, S.G.J., et al. – Rejection of trace organic pollutants with high pressure membranes (NF/RO) – Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 27(2008)2, p.180-188)

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