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The revision of the DWD the pressure is on


“The current European Commission will start its final term at the beginning of 2009. By the end of 2009 this Commission will be replaced by a new Commission. This puts pressure on the revision of the Drinking Water Directive. It has been decided that no new Directives will be tabled during the final year of the sitting
Commission. This leaves two options for the current DWD, either the revision will wait till a new Commission has been installed in 2010 or a Commission Decision will be submitted to the European Parliament well before the end of2008.This Commission Decision for a new Directive on the quality of drinking water will be subject to a full co-decision procedure with the involvement of the Council and the European Parliament. Working backwards this implies that allowing some six weeks for the Inter Service Consultation (internal feed back from other Directorate Generals in the EU); the draft Directive should be ready in September 2008. However, before a draft Directive will be produced the internal Impact Assessment Board has to give its opinion on the Impact Assessment
study for the revision of the DWD as carried out by an external consultant.”

(Citaat: Hulsmann, A. – The revision of the DWD the pressure is on; Drinking Water Safety International 1 (2008) 2, p. 13-14)

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