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The discipline of knowledge management


“The Delft Cluster Research Programme was founded to meet the knowledge requirements of organisations involved in the development and management of delta areas. Through this open network of research institutions, knowledge and experience is widely shared to obtain high level output. Implementation of knowledge takes place by means of close collaboration with stakeholders. Determining knowledge needs, sharing information, and implementing results of research are all part of what we call the ‘Knowledge Cycle’ (fi gure 1). Addressing all stations of this cycle is essential to good (i.e. eventually useful)
applied science. The Knowledge Cycle itself illustrates part of what is generally called the discipline of ‘knowledge management’: an array of tools and practices applied by organisations to identify, create, share, store, present, and disseminate knowledge. This article explains the different steps in the Knowledge Cycle, with specifi c references to the way it has been applied to water management.”

(Citaat: Koerselman, W. – The discipline of knowledge management – Delft Cluster Magazine (2008)5, p.28-30)

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