BTO rapport - BTO 2012.010

Comparison of extraction materials and genotoxicity tests for the analysis of UV/H2O2-treated water - draft


Recent reports on the analysis of genotoxicity in UV/H2O2-treated water indicate that the choice of
extraction method and of the genotoxicity test may have a crucial impact on the outcome of the analysis.
KWR reported to find formation of genotoxicity by UV/H2O2-treatment by medium pressure (MP)
lamps at three different locations when extracting the water with OasisĀ® HLB and performing an Ames
fluctuation test, but not when performing a comet assay with human liver cells. HWL reported not to
find formation of genotoxicity when extracting MP UV/H2O2-treated water with XAD-4 and performing
an Ames plate test, but to see an increase in genotoxicity when analyzing exposed fish gill cells with the
comet assay. Greater Cincinnatti Water Works (GCWW) also reported to see formation of genotoxicity
by MP UV/H2O2-treatment with the comet assay in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO), when extracting
the water with XAD-8 and XAD-2. The influence of the applied extraction method and genotoxicity test
on the detection of genotoxic by-products of UV-oxidation of water was therefore investigated.

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