BTO rapport - BTO 2010.015

Standardisation, Quality Assurance anda Data Evaluation of Online Biological Alarm Systems


The MOSSELMONITOR® (DeltaConsult, Kapelle, NL) is a biomonitor with 8 mussels (bivalves), suitable for monitoring the quality of various types of surface and sea water. In general, the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) and the Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis), both sedentary filter-feeding species, are used to
monitor freshwater or marine water quality respectively. However, other species (suspension-feeders) can be used as well. In the Netherlands, four MOSSELMONITOR® systems are presently in use for monitoring the quality of surface water systems. Three of these are used for intake control monitoring of
water used as a source for the production of drinking water. However, the MOSSELMONITOR® is well- known as an application in the control of biofouling in e.g. water cooling systems of power plants. This application is not discussed in this document.
In order to improve the online biomonitors’ operationality in general and the MOSSELMONITOR® in particular, a study was performed on the critical factors that influence the measurement results of this monitor. When the MOSSELMONITOR® is installed in a field situation, it is important to consider the influence of factors, such as vibration, light, temperature, water supply, salinity, suspended matter and food conditions. Some of these factors are induced by man, and are relatively easy to detect. A well- considered configuration and installation of the MOSSELMONITOR® at the measurement location can eliminate the negative effects of many of these factors and thus increase the reliability of the results.

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