BTO rapport - BTO 2010.003

Feasibility study of combined ozone and UV systems (DOPFR-UV)


The presence of several (types of) contaminants in water requires advanced purification technologies. An
“Advanced Oxidation Technology” is the DOPFR-UV system, in which UV irradiation is combined with
ozone, in order to obtain both disinfection and organic contaminant control. However, it is known that
ozone treatment of bromide containing water results in the formation of bromate, which is suspected to
be carcinogenic. On the other hand, UV irradiation may reduce the bromate formed to bromide or
interfere with the bromate formation process, thus decreasing the bromate content. It was decided to
study the bromate formation and decrease in our DOPFR-UV system. After this study a go/no go
decision is to be made, whether or not to continue with the DOPFR-UV project. This decision depends on
the final bromate concentration, which should be lower than 5 μg/l, preferably even lower than 1 μg/l.

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