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Impacts of shallow geothermal energy on groundwater quality


“In this chapter we present an overview of the risks shallow geothermal energy (SGE) can impose
on the groundwater system, drinking water production, and the subsurface environment in
general. Existing policy and licensing arrangements for SGE in the Netherlands are described
as well as the capability of the current (and future) Dutch policy and legal framework to
minimize or mitigate risks from SGE on groundwater resources. A survey at EU Member State
level indicated that regulation and research on the potential impacts of SGE on groundwater
resources were lagging behind the technological development of, and ever-growing demand
for, this renewable energy source. We have recognized three main issues that should be
addressed to secure sustainable application of SGE: 1) Scientific research is required to
further elucidate the impacts of SGE on groundwater; 2) Cross-sectoral subsurface planning
is required to minimize negative conflicts between SGE and other subsurface interests; 3) EU
wide guidelines and standards are required for quality assurance and control when installing
a SGE system.”

(Citaat: Bonte, M. – Impacts of shallow geothermal energy on groundwater quality; PhD thesis 16 december 2013)

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